Community Cooperative Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Cooperative?

Community Cooperative is an abundance mindset which utilizes a B2B2C e-commerce platform for the purpose of creating a level playing field so that everyone has a competive edge to succeed in the market.

Can i register at Community Cooperative?

Yes you can register at

Is any support available?

Yes it is available.  As we are launching from the ground up, we will be building a customer support team to support with questions pertaining to the software.  Due to the newness of this abundance mindset template, the rates for starting your online business experience is extremely low.  The reason for the low prices is due to the newness and limited customer support.  As we grow together, we will build a strong customer support team.


I am the owner of a manufacturing/producing unit/company how would Community Cooperative add value to my business?


We understand your business and we have learned the shortcomings of your current business model. By being a part of you can leverage your sales, reach your sales target & reach to a really different and unique market space. Community Cooperative is a B2B2C e-commerce platform perfectly suitable for your business.

At Community Cooperative you have the opportunity to register as a Vendor, fill in your detail which would take less than a minute, after which our representative would call you for activation of your account.


I am a distributor/reseller of products.  How would Community Cooperative help me in my business?


Community Cooperative is not just for the producer/manufacturer it is for you too, our B2B2C e-commerce platform is perfectly designed keeping in mind the constraints you face in the business as a distributor.


At Community Cooperative you can leverage the benefits of an e-commerce platform and drive your sales exponentially.


I am a housekeeeper could I be part of Community Cooperative?


Yes certainly you can be a part of this ever-growing family and register as an affiliate at Community Cooperative. You earn more when you bring more customers  You can enroll your friends to buy at and earn more than what you can imagine just by selling from one product category at


Register yourself now as an affiliate and start earning


I am a window shopper I was wondering how would the products be delivered? Does it have any guarantee? Any return policy ?


All the products will be delivered to you by our partner courier service. All products comes under the guarantee/warranty as specified by its seller and Community Cooperative makes sure that all products covers a 30 days return policy.  One of our future goals is to eliminate shipping by replacing the traditional retail marketplace.